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Studios and producers

In Iceland you will find a variety of professional studios, located in both Reykjavik and the rural areas.

In Iceland you will find a variety of professional studios located in both Reykjavik and the rural areas. The studios are staffed with experienced in-house producers and engineers, many of whom have made a name for themselves working with foreign artists seeking the special atmosphere that Icelandic nature provides. The studios range from big and multifaceted entities to more exotic and smaller ones, ensuring that there’s room for recording projects of all sorts.

Iceland is a modern Western society and easily accessible with daily flight connections to most major hubs on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s extreme, enchanting nature is always within easy reach, making for a rich artistic inspiration as seen and heard in the famed local scene - and in the records that visiting musicians from abroad have made (Will Oldham, Ladytron, The Fall, Damien Rice and Eivör Pálsdóttir are but a few of the artists that have actively sought the country out for recording purposes).