25% refunds on recording costs

Recording music in Iceland not only infuses it with the country’s magic but it’s cost effective as well.

Recording in Iceland

Cost efficient and inspiring

Reimbursements are offered for recording costs for music incurred in Iceland. Producers can apply for reimbursement from the State Treasury of 25% of the costs incurred in the recording of music in Iceland.

What costs are eligible for a refund? 

  1. Hourly studio rates for recording. 
  2. Wage expenses incurred during the recording for hire performers, producers, engineers or studio personnel. 
  3. Post-production (including sound mixing and mastering). 
  4. Travel and transport costs for musical instruments and lead performers, including accommodation. 
  5. Salary of the applicant (producer). 

The reimbursement scheme is simple and efficient.
The completed application form and all accompanying documents should be sent to postur@anr.is.

Laws on reimbursments

Application form for reimbursement of recording cost

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It's simple and efficient

Recording in Iceland

Recording in Iceland is very inspirational.

Studios and producers

Icelandic studios are both fully equipped with the tech you may need, and the people to make it work. 

Film scoring

Icelandic composers have made a name for themsleves on international projects.


A close-knit community of extremely talented people.